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Tulum y más allá

Posted on February 1, 2016

Travel has always been one of my passions. I grew up traveling to Cozumel to dive, and taking family trips to Baja. Now as an adult I get the incredible opportunity to travel to Mexico for work, and I get to share it with the people I love. This current trip takes me to Tulum for a getaway with my beautiful fiancee Alison. We fell in love traveling around the world together, and this is our first trip away from our 4 1/2 year old son.

Tulum offers a chance to get hands on with the cuisine I cook everyday. A place titled as a place for foodies to start being foodies. While I am not crazy about that term, I am excited to travel to a place that has a rich culinary scene based around locality. Top tier chefs have made a home here, and there is a lot of focus on super local produce and traditional Mayan cooking.

In April I swap Alison for my brother Rustin, as I head on a culinary adventure with stops in Mexico City, Puebla and Merida.

It is never easy to leave work, even harder to leave my son, at least on this trip I get to be with my love.

-Chef Dakota Coburn


Community Partners


“Centro has been incredibly generous to Intercambio over the years and they’re great partners with us. They’re fun to work with, always provide amazing food that people talk about for months following an event, and they truly value their diverse workforce. At our annual spring fundraiser they provide high quality food for 300 participants at no charge – and that is a huge part of its success. They have many employees who participate in Intercambio as English learning students, and they value the ongoing education and advancement of all their employees.”
-Lee Shanis, Executive Director and Co-founder, Intercambio

Thorne Nature Center

“Having Centro as a partner has really elevated the status of our event. Their support is enabling Thorne to connect so many of our community’s low-income youth to nature, which in addition to building earth stewardship has benefits for heath and wellness, academic achievement, social well-being! We’re very grateful to have them as our community partners”
Keith Desrosiers, Executive Director, Thorne Nature Center


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