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Chef Johnny’s Todos Santos Adventure

Posted on February 22, 2018

Our culinary creative, Chef Johnny Curiel, is taking off on a sojourn to beautiful Baja, Mexico to cook, explore, and seek out new flavors for Centro’s spring menu. Joining him are Big Red F OG chefs Dave Query and Jamey Fader. The trio will check out some of Baja’s finest fare and cook alongside award-winning Chef Javier Plascencia at his newest restaurant Jazamango in the small seaside town of Todos Santos. [Insert daydreams of waves crashing against rocks here].

Javier helped put Baja on the map as one of the world’s great culinary destinations. His restaurants—and the farmers, fishermen, and winemakers they support—have also helped revitalize the city of Tijuana, which just a few years ago was completely ravaged by the cartel wars.

Over the years, Javier also made a name for himself as one of the innovators of Baja-Med cuisine. Olive orchards and vineyards abound in Baja, much as they would in Italy or Greece. They thrive on the warm, dry summers and cool, wet winters. Javier fused the local cuisine—famous for tacos, birria, and catch-of-the-day style seafood joints—with ingredients and techniques from the Mediterranean.

Johnny and his dos compas will cook a special guest dinner with Javier in Todos Santos on February 24, and will also pitch in for Jazamango’s one year anniversary party the following day. When they get back, Johnny, Dave and Jamey will put together a special Todos Santos-inspired dinner to share the flavors and ingredients they discovered while on their trip.

Tune in to our Instagram and Facebook pages to follow Chef Johnny’s journey thru Todos Santos, and all of the flavors and dishes he gathers inspiration from along the way.

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